Featured Fabulous Female – Lucy Magnus

Meet Lucy

Hello from the belated blogger!  Fanfab is back to introduce you to another Featured Fabulous Female:  Lucy Magnus.  Lucy is just another one of the amazing women that I have gotten to know through Beautycounter.  She is a true renaissance woman.  Lucy is a  blogger/creator/total genius … [Read more...]

Featured Fabulous Female – Meghan Consoli


At this time of year, I really really need a dose of Meghan Consoli.  The gifts, the cards, the decorating, the wrapping.  Don't you want it all JustDone?  Enter Meghan, who is the founder and owner of JustDone Wh​ether you need an errand to be run or  are overwhelmed by the basic everyday tasks, … [Read more...]

Bye bye, skinny jeans?


Many fashion bloggers are declaring the demise of the skinny jean.  Could it be so?  As a petite person (or my high school BFF likes to call me "Shorty"), I love wearing skinnies because I can pair them with heels and they give me the illusion of looking taller. I needed to get the juice, so I … [Read more...]

I love you Marshall’s, but…


I got here first! … [Read more...]

Featured Fabulous Female – Kelly Thorry

Kelly Pic

This week's Featured Fabulous Female, Kelly Thorry, is the sister of another one my favorite people, Brooke Webber.  One of these days, I am going to pin Brooke down for an interview, but in the meantime, you can check out Brooke's design genius on her B. Distinctive web site. But, today it is … [Read more...]

Halloween 101


Happy Halloweek! I am delighted to introduce today's guest blogger, Danielle Notaro.  Danielle is a new addition to the Fanfab staff.  I am so grateful to her to help keep Fanfab up and running.  She is a PR major at Hofstra University, and has experience interning in fashion, beauty, accessories … [Read more...]

Featured Fabulous Female – Blair Lawson


Fanfab was lucky enough to be seated across from Blair Lawson at a dinner party recently  in L.A.  She might have been the ideal dinner companion, as she is smart, funny, stylish and genuine.  We saw eye to eye on parenting (she took the remote control to work with her when she felt her nanny was … [Read more...]

Worlds colliding!


Talk about worlds colliding!  So proud and delighted to see Beautycounter's own Christy Coleman in the October issue of W, one of my favorite fashion mags.  Inspired by reading Stacy Malkan's exposé Not Just a Pretty face, Christy was the first major make-up artist to "green" her make up bag.  I … [Read more...]

Featured Fabulous Female – Kerry-Lynn Riley


My poor, poor neglected blog!  I have not forsaken you.  I had a great summer at the beach, and now Fanfab is back and recharged.  I couldn't think of a better way to get back to blogging, than by posting this interview with Kerry-Lynn Riley.  We met when she was honored at my children's school, and … [Read more...]

Featured Fabulous Female(s) – Kerry Ryan and Tory Sotell


This week’s Featured Fabulous Female is actually a two-fer:  Kerry Ryan and Tory Sotell of the really fantabulous The Tall and The Short of It blog. www.tallshortblog.com It was social media that initially brought us together.  From Instagram, Tory learned about a Beautycounter social we were … [Read more...]