Featured Fabulous Female(s) – Kerry Ryan and Tory Sotell


This week’s Featured Fabulous Female is actually a two-fer:  Kerry Ryan and Tory Sotell of the really fantabulous The Tall and The Short of It blog. www.tallshortblog.com It was social media that initially brought us together.  From Instagram, Tory learned about a Beautycounter social we were … [Read more...]

Randi Zinn – Featured Fabulous Female


While Fanfab loves blogging, bargain hunting, and Beautycounter, her most important job is being a mom to her four pretty great kids.  And, let me tell you, this mom stuff isn’t always easy. That is why it was such an honor, and a full circle moment, for me to meet Randi Zinn, founder of Beyond … [Read more...]

Can’t help but agree with @keepitchic…Sofia is the ultimate style icon

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1jSj1zd … [Read more...]

Fanfab fun in the sun!


Fanfab wants to make sure her dear readers are looking good AND keeping safe this Memorial Day weekend. So, treat yourselves to my special Cabana Life coupon code ANNIE25ZB.  This will give you 25% off anything from CL's amazing collection of beach club chic items, all with 50+ UV … [Read more...]

Today’s Find – Sleeveless Ruffle


A silk sleeveless ruffle top is perfect for May -- the season for communions, graduations, concerts, end of year school events.  It looks great with white jeans or white shorts.  And in cooler evenings, you can paired it with a blazer or cardi. But, why pay $78 for C. Wonder's, when Fanfab … [Read more...]

Just sayin’


J. Crew is hopping on the Birk bandwagon, too. … [Read more...]

10 days until Mother’s Day


Just sharing some great Mother's Day offers from a company I am passionate about -- Beautycounter.   Hit the "email me" button on the lower right and send me your order. Or shop right from the web site directly by clicking here (by May 4)   And PLEASE don't forget to call your mother! … [Read more...]

Mind over matter

beach please

When is is this craptastic winter from hell ever going to end??!! (thank you for introducing me to this word, Beth Beyrer.  It is very appropriate) OK - negativity over and out.  You, spring?  I have given up on YOU.  I am going to think only positive thoughts that SUMMER will be here soon.  In … [Read more...]

Birks and bags


I can't read another word about the "ugly sandal" trend before I confess that I broke down and bought a pair of Birkenstocks.  I bucked the trend and got silver instead of the quite popular white or black.  They won't be my daily run-around shoes that you can throw on with anything (a la gold Jack … [Read more...]

Anne Baker – Featured Fabulous Female


  The moral of this story is, you never know who you will end up meeting in Starbucks!  One day, I was there having a business meeting/brainstorming session with Carolyn Laing of Daisy Laing (also previously featuredas a fellow Featured Fabulous Female).   Anne Baker, seated right next to … [Read more...]